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Friday, May 8, 2009

I love: angry quips

Efff me. I have been dealing with a seriously frustrating client that it pushing my patience and temperament. Today I had to bite my tongue from saying something i wouldn't have regretted but knew I shouldn't. I think people say the most hilarious yet honest remarks when really pissed off. I typically keep my passive aggressive comments to myself or my doodle pad but I am so close to pulling a George Costanza.
Costanza sketch
big rock candy mountain

This little piece is super funny to me for some reason.

Controlling Bitches 2
I hope it doesn't stick in my subconsciousness and accidentally slip out on my hubbers tho.


clorivak said...

bahahah! beautiful.

i've been muttering asshole comments to myself all day..hehe, so this fit in perfectly. thanks again, memelodia.

gawd i love those jerky constanza quotes.

The Cottage Cheese said...

hahaha...Costanza was so awkward. I have quite a temper, so sometimes it is really tough to keep choice words to myself. It's much easier now that I'm self-employed and my only co-worker is my fiance. Although, there have been a few days that we've exchanged choice words.

drollgirl said...

oh costanza. i would have married that dude (the character) for the sheer entertainment factor.

and i deal with focacta clients day in and day out. absolutely MADDENING. as soon as i hang up the phone, the expletives fly.

alissa said...

lol i love that bottom one. if anyone could ever see my face while im on the phone with some clients - or responding to emails. or if some of my coworkers could see my facial expressions when they yell over the cubicles haha... i would be in a little trouble :)

from the right bank said...

These sketches are hysterical. God, I miss Seinfeld.

sherri said...

love the bottom one so much.