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Thursday, August 27, 2009

(Off Label Use)

I ♥ my Clonazepam

I'm wondering to myself, "Hmm, when did I email Justin Gabbard with my secret?"
" Series of portraits based on anonymous on-line confessionals."
Secret Series via cerebralexcrement.

Recent convo between w&m, my webbff or webstie:
Grace: you are really good at webpromo
let's think about ways you can turn that into how to pay bills
Sent at 11:49 AM on Thursday
me: omfg. i need that
im running out of anxiety pills
aka- my time in this office is coming under siege
i might LOSE it if i go on longer.


wool and misc said...

kekekekeke! our new mission in life.

ps. the W&M link goes to the wrong site :(


Clorivak said...

ya gotta get outta there soon missy before she sinks.

i hope you find your way, me too!

Elissa said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! I'm always shocked to see that someone actually reads it.