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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Je suis un bébé requin

I wanted to take a quick swim at the beach this morning but the rainy weather wasn't in my favor. Instead, I spent my Sunday AM sipping coffee and catching up on my google reader. Then I happily stumbled upon this fuckery:
source: crappy taxidermy
It immediately reminded me of this painting that left an impression on me from my American Art History course in college: John Singleton Copley; Watson and the Shark, 1778
A quick search then lead to this 3D insanity:
anaglyph version by Jim Long

And this adorableness:

Je suis un bébé requin

Au ventre blanc aux dents nacrées
Dans les eaux chaudes
Je t’entraînerai
Et sans que tu le sache
Avec amour avec douceur
Moi vois-tu bébé requin
Je veux te dévorer le cœur

[ ♫ ]

I’m a baby shark,
White-bellied and pearly-toothed,
Into the warm waters I’ll take you
And without you noticing, lovingly and smoothly,
I, pretty baby shark,
Will eat up your heart.
via even cleveland
(an oh so precious blog with tons of shark posts)

I hope you guys have a great Sunday. Unfortunately there's no ocean or cute french singing sharks on my itinerary today. I'm stepping away from the internet and it's kungfu grip on my attention span before this whole rainy day is lost.


drollgirl said...

gahahah! this is making me want to BE a shark!

Clorivak said...

fuckery...great choice of words.
hope you had a supa swell weekend! and again apologies for my crazy hungover/still kinda drunk long rant of an email...hope i didn't scare ya off...

wool and misc said...

oh man, that googly eye is too much! love FG. why does she have to be so cute, huh?

Eonratslear said...

MeMelodia, you are the finder of all things magical! I love your blog!!!!

The Cottage Cheese said...

That poor stuffed shark immortalized looking so ugly. I don't think I want to see that scary painting in 3-D. But that video is so cute! I love the dancing dudes and the cute little blonde "shark". And "fuckery" is such a cool word.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Holy crap... why is that man naked in shark-infested waters?

bigBANG studio said...

the canadian textile designer virginia johnson does sharks now. maybe you need to forward this link to your hubby. because you just MUST have a shawl whot has sharks on it: