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Monday, October 26, 2009

I always randomly pair words in google just to see what I find. Some of today's less fruitful searches were piñata suicide and vintage irish carbomb. Thankfully Day of dead kite was a glory hole. Thank goodness for my boredom sometimes. Had I not been aimlessly trolling the googles for something to stimulate my eyeballs or randomly purchase I'd have never come across these shots. I just learned that In Santiago Sacatepéquez- Guatemala people communicate with the spirits of the deceased who apparently speak through the whistle of the wind and the fluctuations and tiny movements of kites. They celebrate this in a spectacular annual Day of the Dead Kite Festival which this year falls on November 2nd. It's like Dia de Los muertos + sky & clouds + kaleidoscopes. Win!
Check out this flickr set for more Guatemalan kite Day photos.


east side bride said...

you have gotta tag that "not meant for an office job."

although... you are making it WORK, lady.

bigBANG studio said...

divine. what a great moment of google-chance. those pictures are beautiful, and i can't believe none of us have ever heard of this festivus! thank you for enlightening us all. and your apartment is to DIE for! i esp. love the egg yolk yellow office- bold move, and it's FABulous. i'm a big proponent of bright colors. how could anyone walk into that room and not be overcome with cheerfulness?

drollgirl said...


and you said GLORY HOLE!h ahhahahahhaha

Clorivak said... droll's comment.

Those kites are amazing. I want one. I will go and see where I can get one.

SeeSaw Designs said...

google searches - gotta love um.

g/d said...