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Thursday, January 21, 2010

powers of 10

10 things that make me happy:
  1. Successfully twirling my hair up into an effortless and sexy fuckdo.
  2. Having a full conversation in nonwords with someone who understands my language.
  3. Re-reading the last page of a good book moments after it's finished.
  4. Finding one more M&M in the bag after I thought I ate the last one.
  5. Kissing Parker's furless chest in the morning.
  6. Peeling a clementine in one piece.
  7. Smelling my fingers after ripping up basil.
  8. Finding hidden gems in my bookmark bar.
  9. Hearing Ben say that "cookies, ice cream and shoes" make me happy.
  10. Making my dad laugh.

10 that make me happy
  1. Rackk and Ruin
  2. CEVD
  3. dreamresidue
  4. ziz
  5. cheapdate
  6. Kitty Stampede
  7. even*cleveland

Rules: List ten things that makes you happy and do one of them today.
Then link to the person who tagged you and pass this little bit of love on to 10 others.
No pressure to repost.

Thank you Claw for being so sweet!

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zyanna said...

i'm definitly making a top 10 tomorrow.

Lisa Ann said...

thank you so much for including me on this list (although i don't have a blog, proper)! i'm going to be cheeky and post the list as 10 single tweets xxoo

wool and misc said...

aww, your list makes me happy!

Clorivak said...

oh dear this was all too sweetikus.
and i don't think i have ever successfully twirled my hair into a fuckmedoo...dammit..lucky.
thanks for picking me ladyqueen. :)

Anonymous said...

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east side bride said...

I have never achieved a fuckdo.

ce said...

i love it, thanks for including me!
i just hate not being able to do it...
but i'll keep it until i find 10 things which make me happy!

Sam said...

Awwwww! Parker - so sweeeeeet! Love your list - but especially little Parker!

Heist said...

Oh! Thanks for including me!! <3

sherri said...

thanks for playing along, I love your list. Number two, especially.

Hanako66 said...

oh yes, i was smiling all the way through that!