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Monday, June 7, 2010


one of njstacie's beautitul tableauxs in blue

I am not a carpenter*, nor am I a painter**.
This is why I need some contractors.

The mister and I have some great, creative contacts. Now is when we need to leverage these. The Ford House needs some TLC. I'm looking forward to having some custom wood work commissioned. Fortunately, the mister's friend
Taylor Harrison Kienholz has agreed to pitch in.

Here are a couple pieces Taylor constructed that I really dig:

"diamond shine" & "plank lounge"
check out his fancy tools

I also plan on having a mural commissioned. One of my possible artists might be Jose Felix Perez.
Although I'm still shopping around for the right painter, I really like his painting energy and style.

The Leavers
“Untitled”, 2007; Acrylic on canvas

The mural concept has evolved, and is finally in the final planning stages. I'm so excited!

* I cuss, cry and bruise egos while building Ikea pieces.
** Hence why I studied photography.


uglygirl said...

Wow. I wish I had creative contacts. Most of my friends are doctors and all they can do is prescribe shit, and I can do that myself anyway. Luckily, my sister is marrying an electrician so I have at least one practical contact. (She is an engineer - what good is that to me?)

The Cottage Cheese said...

Custom pieces - how exciting! I really like Perez's style. "The Leavers" is amazing.

Ancarol said...

i thinks the tableaux blue let me admire her awesome job they're fun and cute of display i need this kind of eyesight ;)

Kitty Stampede said...

oooo lala, lots of coolnessity in store for you and your new padski.
love the energy from that jose felix perez.