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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Freddy circa 1969
I don't need any specified day to appreciate my dad. He's a total character and I absolutely adore him. He's been a big influence in my life. He's the most goal oriented person I've ever met and he never backs down. He's a true jack of all trades and he continues to motivate me. I've posted about his many career ventures before, but there are still a few that I continue to learn about through tidbits of stories and Polaroids. Before I was even a protein strand, my dad was a licenced Private Detective. I don't know where he came up with this one but he walked around with a badge and successfully solved cases. When I was really young I remember playing around with his suction cup spy recording devices, begging him to use his cop light while were driving and accidentally locking myself in handcuffs.

I am truly inspirited by his fearlessness, spontaneous nature and drive.
Happy Father's Day, Dad

I've recently began thinking a lot about his detective days. Perhaps my new HBO fave Bored to Death has something to do with.


The Cottage Cheese said...

Cool pic of a cool Dad!

Apparently I've been living in a cave because I've never heard of this show. Just recently got HBO, will definitely love this (and "saved" season 1 on netflix)

cerebral e said...

i love how in old films/mystery novels, they're called "private dicks".

PS I thought your dad had a really weird name until I read the post and realised what the title meant!

wool and misc said...

I LOVE YOUR DAD!!!!!!!!!

& i want to see that show.

Rackk and Ruin said...

so adorable. . .and totally reminds me of my dad. Who is seriously the most amazing person i know. Thanks for this post!

Janice said...

Pretty Cool post!!! We need to thanks are dad, this post reminds me of my dad:) fake handbag