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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

preview of Hendler & Mouse House

An other addition to the Interior Spaces collection will be posted tomorrow.
Here's a snapshot from my recent photo shoot at the Hendler House.
Mouse is so eager to beg for whatever Sonia has, even if it is a bottle of Malbec.


wool and misc said...

holy crap! i didn't know little sonia lived in such a gorgeous nest!

cake. said...

that chair is SERIOUS.

Kitty Stampede said...

ya, just looking at that chair makes me feel like royalty chicktastical.
btw i got this random letter of miami of art & design out of the!?! omen?!?! random. i would love to go there. do you know of this schoool?
miss ya long time sweetikins! x to the o to the xxx

Agneta said...

Your blog is incredible, spectacular, beautiful, and very special! Thank you for your comment & welcome back.

Agneta, a swedish one

mina said...

i love the inspiration room for the faux mantle... this home is so strange and lovely.

-c. said...

That chair!!!