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Thursday, July 29, 2010

lessons I gained from my mother...

as represented through Marc Bernhardt paintings:
"Don't get caught talking shit."
"Be careful of gifts from certain people."
"Don't let him see what a monster you can be, he will leave you."
"Never leave the house without some color on."
"Don't kill the messenger."
(Usually implying herself)
"Watch out. You're not in La-La land."
"Moldy food has more protein.""Stop playing with your hair."

"Stop eating when you're full"

Thank you, Gina.

visit for more great pieces

3 comments: said...

great post.. this art is fab

Fabiana Pigna said...

haha GREAT post! I enjoy your blog so much!

PS: I'm an artist as well, would love for you to come visit sometime! :)

wool and misc said...

i love! great advice. moms are smaht.