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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Secret World Of Flowers
Angela Singer: Hedge Row, 2010.
Recycled vintage taxidermy red fox, mixed media, ceramic & bronze flowers

  • Sweet peas planted on St.Patrick's Day will have more fragrance.
  • Blow tobacco smoke on your flowers and this will keep the bugs away from them.
  • The person who accepts the gift of a fern will never settle down in life.
  • When watering your flowers, use the water in which you have washed your meat and they will grow well.
  • Hold a dandelion below someone's chin, and if you can see a yellow reflection upon the skin, he is fond of butter.


sarah said...

The tobacco smoke one is probably true. Tobacco is a natural pesticide.

It's a good reason to keep smokers around during BBQs, I guess.