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Monday, December 13, 2010

ABMB 2010 the art

The three letter word

Christy Langer

Mary A. Waters

Dream; clothing label collage

Liu Bolin, hiding in the city no. 91

Sunkoo Yuh, one more chance; porcelain glaze

Corinne Von Lebusa

Eduardo Sourrouille; self portrait with friends series

Jacob Hashimoto, settling on the forrest like frozen dust, 2010

Richard Stipl, Hair for Hair

will cotton

Ryan McGinness; Romus & Remus

Beverly Mciver; Molly with her favorite Mammy, 1998

Douglas Bourgeois, Tick Tock, 2010

James Lahey, Pacific Coast Highway; oil painting.

John Waters; Girls Beware, 2009

Meriem Bouderbala; Etoffes Cutanees, 2008

David Micheal Bowers, honey baked 2010

Leslie Dill cut outs

Richard Prince

Jung-Yeon Min

Sissi; my friends and I, 2010

There were many many more wonderful & memorable pieces but my brain and blogger just hit overload.