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Sunday, December 12, 2010

ABMB 2010 scene

It's been 1 week since Art Basel Miami Beach came to an end, and thankfully my postpartum depression symptoms are gone.
Here's the first round of highlights of some events:

The kick off Metric show:

Noshing on fancy food truck fair:

Pretending to be someone else to get into the Bass Museum Isaac Julien opening:

soaking up sun at Friends With You's Rainbow City:
I wish it didnt have to pack up and go :(

The FREE Native shoes:

The FWY & N.E.R.D show:

The Sanrio 50th anniversary Hello Kitty Party:
candy sushi actually taste like crap

Me proudly posing with my girl My Melody

Small Gift & Spotlight, free Sanrio tattoos:
My pal Steph browsing the many flash options

she decided Miss Kitty's bow was the one.
I love the character Last Supper piece above.

My Turn:
A pleasant grimace for the camera, but that shit fucking hurt. Note to self: the ribs are a tough spot.

After some debate I went for My Melody as Geisha.

I'll post a second round of highlights featuring art.


cerebral e said...

Wow! So much visual goodness in one post, I hardly know where to start. I love that you have a tattoo of your namesake!

Also, that Friends With You world looks so much fun. I am super-jealous.

PS love your specs.

wool and misc said...


Heist said...

You didn't do your wrist in the end?! I like!! ;)

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

the ribs ARE a tough spot. it felt like reeeally slow homicide.

congrats on the engagement! I'm the other engagee that Grace announced! :)