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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Friends, Family and Other Misfits

What Me Melodia will mostly be doing during ABMB: 1. I'll be clinging on to besties while meandering through the crowds

2. Surely be elated by all the art and hispter visitors

3. Enjoying some late evening shenanegans that might lead to skinny dipping. (It's 82° flipping degrees out here.)

4. utilizing Miami Bike Scene's Art Basel valet

5. Spending QT with some cool party animals

Devorah Jacoby : Friends, Family and Other Misfits
Devorah Jacoby’s paintings are psychologically savvy. They expose the multiple layers of human interaction and explore the duality between the need to belong and the desire to be separate. They grapple with real and complex impulses and dynamics found in all relationships. T There’s humor to Jacoby’s work, strange and dark, while the colors and brushstrokes suggest that her characters are both enchanted and frightened by the world they inhabit.

I'm looking forward to experiencing all these moments and hanging out with my friends, family and other misfits during ABMB.
It's on.

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zyanna said...


me melodia said...

we miss you guys here.
Good luck settling into NYC.