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Monday, April 6, 2009

Interior Spaces: Berlin-Tiffany

I couldn't be away for too long!
I want to focus on an untapped resource: my amazingly talented and creative friends. Obviously inspired by the Selby and D*sponge sneak peaks, I am going to showcase the interesting interior spaces of some dear friends and colleagues. Fortunately I have some cool cats spread across the globe so there should be some diversity and great finds.
Here we have Tiffany a Miami/NYC transplant in Germany currently a photographer, globe trotter & creative problem solver with PERES PROJECTS Berlin. Once the sun finally made a long awaited appearance she was able to share her space with us. I am absolutely loving her chic, simple airy bedroom and organic decorative features. If I had to classify this style I'd say it was hipster bohemian chic-which is a very eclectic way of saying awesome p.o.v.
Reclaimed tree branch as clothes hanger and semi circle of shoes
suspended branch hanger detail
Desk made from two old thick saw horses "borrowed" from a nearby market with a simple slab of wood on top. This $20 DIY looks like it would sell at DWR for $$$.sea shell collecting-a touch of home
Cacti! No space is complete with out some green.
desk detail and one of her modular origami creations
vintage "wander rucksacks" as wall decorationcharming old fashoined buoy and old italian wine jug
I love white on white and the traditional handmade Greek death bread"curved olive branches" hanging above door.
I love looking at other people's stuff.
Thanks for sharing Tiff!


Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Fantasticly creative-clothing displayed as art! The cactus and air plant garden is fascinating.

cevd said...

i love looking at other people's stuff too. and damn if this isn't the most creative room i have ever seen. LOVE it, so simple and so amazing.

Heist said...

gah! I miss her. I love the idea of this feature (obviously) have so many creative friends and peeping their living spaces is super intriguing!!

me melodia said...

You're next missy.

Unknown said...

Ah! All so awesome. I love that idea of using a tree branch as a hanger. That's fantastic.

east side bride said...

hipster bohemian chic. can i make that my mission statement?


this is so inspiring. I want to change my whole room around now lol

Victoria Thorne said...

the rucksacks. beyond perfect.

HELLO TIGER! said...

What a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

Claudine said...

I love looking at other people's roomsolutions. It does look nice and roomy but also as a lot of german student apartments here too.