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Friday, November 7, 2008

mini obession: sugar bush squirrel

I just came across the world's most photographed squirrel and I am in heaven. The sugar bush website offers everything from calendars to squirrel clothes and even $3 5x7 personally pawtographed prints. (Ehem...which is what everyone is now getting for Christmas this year.)

The discovery of Sugar Bush Squirrel undoubtedly reminds me of Satoru Tsuda's "RocknRoll Cats" work that fueled an outright obsession of mine a few years ago. Tsuda's work helped inspired my senior photography thesis at MassArt.


erin said...

Hehe reminds me of the calendar I came across 3 years ago and have picked up every year since: Ferret Frenzy.

HEK said...

Your blog is so cool! There's so much fun stuff here that I've never seen before, I relly have to follow this blog from now on:)

iheartstuff said...

these are so cute!