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Friday, January 30, 2009

have a lux weekend

Tony Duquette interior; image via sea of shoes

mini obession: multi function books

Ever since I've had an official office space in our home I've noticed an increase in book purchases. Not only have I been building my home library up but I've also scored some really neat display pieces.
Every one's seen Umbra's award winning conceal book shelf but I still love it. We picked up a few for ridiculously cheap when the Base Annex closed shop last year.
Before we scored the above book brackets I was temped to get one of the curated ones like "first comes love" from the Curiosity Shoppe.
I can't express how psyched I am with my new theshophouse book mobile. After spotting these gorgeously simple mobiles on every one's blog I just couldn't resist. This package arrival has surely made my Friday!
I'm also seriously loving these Hand-crafted vintage Music Books by jen khoshbin; Website.

more bill murray

Who doesn't love him?

Tim Doyle of Nakatomi; “Bill Murray Times Six” is a 6″ x 36″ screenprint; edition of 50, $30 .
thanks OMG Posters!

dog attack

I didn't post anything yesterday because my poor tiny Chihuahua Parker was attacked by an unleashed dog. She suffered a few bites and bruises on her 4 lb frame but fortunately she'll be OK.
She seriously resembles the Carlos nightlight by Kathleen Walsh. While at the 24hr vet we jokingly said we should pick one up so she doesn't feel alone. :/
Here are a few photos of her before all the stitches and trauma:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

not shopping? what?

Hey remember when I said I was saving up money and not splurging on those lust items anymore?
Well this D*Sponge post has me singing a different tune. I'll surely be picking up those whale S&P shakers as soon as they come in.

Oh, and speaking of buying things and whales: check out the new me melodia etsy shop. My teenie tiny store front still needs a lot of tlc, fanciness, stock and (spell check) but it's up and running. I currently have a sweet little whale vase up for sale and other vintage treats.

slightly bookish

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Book: Collector's Style by BH&G

I picked up this Better Homes & Gardens decor book at a thrift store for 25 cents.
It's a pretty sweet score and I occasionally find myself flipping back to it for inspiration. I don't have one major thing I collect but my apartment is teenie so It's easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are a few shots of people using their collected items in decor:vintage letter press cabinet used to display mini relicsA built-in treasure shelf showcasing an antique sewing machine collectionvintage french wooden toys incorporated in a bathroom (a bit too rustic for me)
German wood farm toys displayed over a guest bed
A Jadeite dishware collection proudly over staked on a shelf. ( I wish my measly collection had this many)

throw back

While going through my old photobucket account I came across these files from my senior year portfolio project. I was/am still obsessed with making things precious. I have a tendency to hoard and cherish every little last bit of someone or something i love. There were a couple of things that were a constant in my life back then: dust bunnies, cat poop, dirty bathrooms ( thanks to 4 roommates), and fatty comfort foods. This project is an exploration of all those things.
When I first began dating my boyfriend I noticed he'd leave his hair trimmings all over the bathroom. So, I naturally saved them to eventually create the "ice cream sandwich" above.
This photo is pretty self explanatory I think. I ate chocolates and collected my cats hair clumps. This is the result of just storing the hairballs in this tacky box until I figured out what to do with them. While cleaning my room one day I placed the box on my bed and voila!
This still life took a little more finesse and gross out factor. I was inspired by the cover of that horrible james fray book-a million little pieces. Again, I reverted back to what I know, cat poop, litter box maintenance and cupcakes.

This series was really fun to shoot and develop. I sadly haven't continued shooting although I do miss the studio.
All photographs were taken with a 4x5 camera and the negatives then scanned in PS.

Monday, January 26, 2009

monday sentiments:

"FTW", Ben Quilt
y for the Melbourne Art Fair
Gouche on paper, pins, perspex, frame; 160x450cm installation

I'm deflated

Thanks Monday.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sweet teeth

On following a suggestion of a friend, I just discovered Laduree macaroons. I had no idea they created the marvelous pastries and macaroons for the Marie Antoinette film. I want to pick up a box for valentines day this year. 
Their newest location in Tokyo looks as yummy as their sugary confections.

Friday, January 23, 2009

stand back stand back

If you were ever wondering what to get your amazingly awesome friend who loves Stevie Nicks, Tacky Art, the 1970's, and the aesthetic of dream catchers and wolves in moon light well here it is: Johanna's Art Inspired by Stevie Nicks.
Two tambourines

Mary with her tambourine

This site has it all, prints of Stevie Nicks in magic settings, puzzles of Stevie Nicks in magical settings and hand painted portraits of you and Stevie Nicks in magical settings on Tambourines!!!!

I love arbitrary charts and graphs

Art. Lebedev Studio-In my line of work this is pretty true

one of Demetri Martin's always amusing drawings
Oh, and this is great too:
Glitter Herpes; inspired by a quote from comedian Demetri Martin.
Set in glitter and limited edition 1 of ; Because Studio

I'd make the "planning my death" pie piece larger. Charlotte hate me!
Thanks JD