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Monday, August 31, 2009

where I'd rather be:

Karen Knorr
Fables series
: Château Chambord 2006

Sunday, August 30, 2009

the one that got away

Went thrifting yesterday with my bestie and had great/devastating time. I was unsuccessful in bringing home the one treasure my heart fell in love with. I'm giving it an other go ahead today and meeting up with my mom for some antiquing. Hopefully today will be rewarding and I'll acquire an other piece for our growing collection. Paul Wackers;collector's cabinet
acrylic, spray paint on panel,36" x 40", 2009
Domenico Remps; Cabinet of Curiosities
Oil on canvas;1690s
We stumbled upon some pretty good finds yesterday but I was devastated when this one thrift store wouldn't sell me a vintage toddler's dress form. This deliciously patina-ed moldy linen boy was screaming to take him home. He'd fit so wonderfully with in my animal decor and other vintage treasures. I had a feeling they'd deny the sale by claiming he was a display (even though he was "head and shoulders" above the plastic mannequins). I carried him around the store calling him My Son the brief time we shared together. In my mind he was this beautiful Victorian boy to the right:
Even though I did acknowledge that he was a shoe in for a NIN video prop I fell in love with him. I have to quit getting so attached to inanimate objects.
Jack Peñate 'Pull My Heart Away'

Friday, August 28, 2009

weekday link wrap around

Amanda J. Besl; Beautiful Mustache, 2006
Have a wonderful weekend you scoundrels.

I bet one of these was named Duchess

If this dashing pug gives you the tingles down in that funny place then you will definitely enjoy visiting Hamshere gallery.

They have one of the largest Canine & Equestrian antique jewelery collections and dog paintings dating from 1800 to 1940. It's no secret that I spend my free time browsing dog art. Hamshere gallery is a trifecta for me: vintage baubles, canine portraiture, and precious- gaudiness. I wanted to post all of their dapper canine brooches but I held back .

Crystal Chihuahua Brooch

Reverse intaglio crystal brooch in diamond and emerald setting. English.

various handpainted pets: locket, pin and brooch
I know a few good friends who would love to own one of these timeless animal adornments.
Yes, I'm thinking of you Pio; this guy is screaming your name.

recent purchase:

Albert Burton Farnham; Date of Publication: 1916
Eeeek! I'm incapable of saving money. I just picked up this vintage illustrated book for my treasure wall. With a cover this good how is a girl like me supposed to resist? I can't wait to rip open the package when it comes in and smell the musky aged pages.

happy friday

Nick & Sheila Pye; SILENT FLURRY
chromogenic print, 2006

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nate Frizzell;"Running With the Pack"
Hinke Schreuders; little girls
embroidery on canvas


I'm so pleased that the trial raccoon tails I ordered on ebay came in today and they weren't as cheap or gross as I had nightmarishly imagined. I'm planning on using these protocol tails for the bike I'm working on assembling. I have a few more pieces to go but the tails have been revving my engine all week. I look forward to now ordering more tails & fur next week. The grand arrival of these raccoon bits has me yearning for fall and a nice romp in the woods.
woodland inspired goodness:
cb i hate perfume: Wild Hunt
The scent of an ancient forest in the heat of a summer afternoon. It is a blend of Torn Leaves, Crushed Twigs, Flowing Sap, Fallen Branches, Old Leaves, Green Moss, Fir, Pine and Tiny Mushrooms.

Amy Ross; naturemorph
Weaselshrooms bird/high-priestess collage
JACKSONSWIFT;flower deer
archival reproduction original watercolor drawing

(Off Label Use)

I ♥ my Clonazepam

I'm wondering to myself, "Hmm, when did I email Justin Gabbard with my secret?"
" Series of portraits based on anonymous on-line confessionals."
Secret Series via cerebralexcrement.

Recent convo between w&m, my webbff or webstie:
Grace: you are really good at webpromo
let's think about ways you can turn that into how to pay bills
Sent at 11:49 AM on Thursday
me: omfg. i need that
im running out of anxiety pills
aka- my time in this office is coming under siege
i might LOSE it if i go on longer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

don't do it

Urs Fischer; Mr. Flosky
Sculpture: wood, paint, plaster, lamp, glass2001/2002

The only way to travel:

I'm crazy about this pony drawn dandy pigeon carriage from Simon Barrett's card design:
There are so many great entries for the Shelter House of Cards campaign. Here are a few noteworthy pieces:

katie west,James Fentiman,Tom Crittenden,Fiona Blair
via design is kinky

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I beg to differ

Kotama Bouabane
white hamburger pyramids from Tint series

"Discovering the answer to the question, what does your favorite color mean tells a great deal about your preferences and personality."
WHITE: If a person is infatuated with white, sex often seems filthy. These people are puritanical in nature. French kissing is obscene and to make love in the daylight in unheard of. Women who love white will undress beneath the covers. Men will shower before and after the sex act. These people still use pet names for their genitals.

muse me

I love this photograph and Lauren Schad dress from l'étoile magazine. I so desperately want to lay around in beautiful clothes with the sole purpose of being my lover's muse.

"Ben Olson and Emma Berg live in a shadowbox. Furnishings are scarce, but the rooms overflow with art. As the sole subjects of Olson’s paintings, the couple knows how it feels to be on display...Olson and Berg embody the dynamic relationship between an artist and his muse."

Monday, August 24, 2009

must listen: spy kitty

play secret kitty
via the memory palace podcast

Broken Record; [broh-kuh n] º [ri-kawrd; n., adj. rek-erd]
Someone who keeps repeating themselves over and over again to the great annoyance of others

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Je suis un bébé requin

I wanted to take a quick swim at the beach this morning but the rainy weather wasn't in my favor. Instead, I spent my Sunday AM sipping coffee and catching up on my google reader. Then I happily stumbled upon this fuckery:
source: crappy taxidermy
It immediately reminded me of this painting that left an impression on me from my American Art History course in college: John Singleton Copley; Watson and the Shark, 1778
A quick search then lead to this 3D insanity:
anaglyph version by Jim Long

And this adorableness:

Je suis un bébé requin

Au ventre blanc aux dents nacrées
Dans les eaux chaudes
Je t’entraînerai
Et sans que tu le sache
Avec amour avec douceur
Moi vois-tu bébé requin
Je veux te dévorer le cœur

[ ♫ ]

I’m a baby shark,
White-bellied and pearly-toothed,
Into the warm waters I’ll take you
And without you noticing, lovingly and smoothly,
I, pretty baby shark,
Will eat up your heart.
via even cleveland
(an oh so precious blog with tons of shark posts)

I hope you guys have a great Sunday. Unfortunately there's no ocean or cute french singing sharks on my itinerary today. I'm stepping away from the internet and it's kungfu grip on my attention span before this whole rainy day is lost.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Just celebrating the fact that it's Saturday!

Friday, August 21, 2009

weekday wrap up

Jacques Flechemuller's darkly comic world

dillo v bike

Would you rather own a gorgeous bike like this Bilenky Track bike:
an impeccable 9 banded armadillo from evolution store?
I'm being good and all my coins will be saved towards creating a pretty bike friend.
If the armadillo burned calories I'd be all over him.

worth drowning for

Andy Yoder ;Fur Preserver,2009
Life preserver, fur;36" x 36" x 6”
I would call out for help if I knew someone would throw me this lifeline.

Happy Friday

We made it!
James Bradley ; 999.99
acrylic and colored pencil on paper; 12" x 15"
, 2009


This piece from You Don’t Have to Lie to Kick It by Patrick Martinez was so good they made it into a shirt .

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A clever spin on Granny's glasses

Sometimes marrying two bad ideas can create gold.
Eyeglass lariats and weaves make me hurl a bit but this bijules nyc creation sings!
It also comes in black for my fellow brunette bitches.

on my mind:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hopefully checking out Michelle Blade's work this late will induce some posi and lucid dreams.