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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I take pet portraiture very seriously

This painting by Mike S. Young would go smashingly with the wine goblets I plan on registering for when I get engaged.
Also, this prego Aristo-cat is a MUST SEE
And yes Tiffany, this is how I spend my time.


clorivak said...

ahaha..too much! I love the prim and properness of it all..look at those paws...tska tksa. what's your poochies name?, i'm assuming thats your pocch in your profile photo.

me melodia said...

Yes, those coquette paws are divine.

My chihuahua's name is Parker. She's also in that wolf book post from earlier this week. I'm such a proud dog mom. I like her better than people.

clorivak said...

Does she do crazy little curb flips when you walk her? I used to work at a Pet Resort and I was walking this little tea cup chihuahua named Romeo and he used to do like 3 flips in a row while walking him up a was hilarity!

clorivak said...

yes, I agree i like my kitties more than people too.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Omg, me too. That portrait is going to be the only thing I register for, so someone has to buy it for me.