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Monday, April 13, 2009

lofting in Boston

Boston city compass $5 Kikkerland

I've been slightly hesitant to make this post in concern that these images will further encourage my bf to want to move back to Boston. While helping my pal from Heist jewelry apartment hunt in bean town I was reminded of all the amazing converted factory lofts in New England. Charm and character is one thing I miss here in Miami . Lofts are so grand and looking at these places is getting me increasingly sad that I don't live in a vintage candy factory or piano guild.
A few things that I love about lofts:

nooks, raw wood and crawl spaces

Huge closets, shiny ducts and dark walls

exposed brick, grand rooms and pillars

open plans, slick floors and built-ins

modern bathrooms

dramatic stair cases and WINDOWS!!!
But I'm not going to kid myself, one of the main reasons I'd ever want to move back to Boston is Uppercrust Pizza and Boca Grande burritos.


The Cottage Cheese said...

Those lofts are amazing!

Heist said...

The windows are the best part. Oh, and Upper Crust will be the death of me!

Jean said...

that's always a dream of mine, too...sigh. i love how it's like a blank canvas where you can divide up the space how ever you like...and yes..big tall windows would be pretty darn cool.

Enchanted Royals said...

Um. Just bought the Boston compass (college) and the San Francisco (where I'm moving in September).

Hearts to Boston, but...yeah, maybe never again.