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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

las frutas

So I finally decided to make a fruit post. Anyone who knows me is aware of my love for fruit and fruit related imagery. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing sometimes. As I browse through the wondrous internet I occasionally spot and save some sweet finds. Below are just a few including my personal work:

My arm done by Corey Kruger of Good Faith Tattoo in Boston. I fully recommend him.
the meateaters framed print $350

fruit speaker pillows; i soooo need one right now.

headdresses by birdie for fabric horse

Naoto packaging via dieline; I want to touch that berry skin

400 horse power #1&2; Nick Paparone; zexy

my current babies (gd urban! I got these lil fruit heads years ago on ebay)

and yup, I'll most likely put my future babies through this.

I'm sure this fruit post won't be the last-I so have to show you guys where I got my tattoo inspiration from and the f@#%& crazy fruity things my friends send me in care packages.


Sara said...

Love your tattoos!!! The color is amazing on them!

Heist said...


Aubrey Longley-Cook said...

Your post reminds me of a little ditty my 7th grade spanish teacher taught me:

"Ay las frutas – bim biri bom
Muchas frutas – bim biri bom
Jugosas frutas de mi canciĆ³n
Ay las frutas – bim biri bom"

The Cottage Cheese said...

This is such a fun post! Your tatoo is beautiful.

carina said...

you've got so many cool finds on your blog! Ill be having a proper look through in the weekend - cant wait
thanks for visiting mine :)

Caroline said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment :) Nice blog you have. You def. got me hooked on coming back ;)

Vanessa said...

Saw your tattoo on someone else's blog. I really love it, it's quite beautiful.

Vanessa said...

Oh god, I can't remember... Let me try to look around, if I find it again, I'll let you know!