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Friday, April 17, 2009

<3 friends

I'm dedicating this post to my lovely friends who always know just how to make me smile. Here is a selection of photos they felt compelled to tag me in. You bitches are the best-I love you all!
Warning: Although these aren't NSFW they might bother some people with normal taste.

butt sniffer

a lil piece of flesh

Halloween night was a rough one.

dead bird as art ABMB.

Dusty aristo-cat on a wooden bicycle.

Taxidermy squirrel band shot by Hank Williams.



Kitty Stampede said...

bahaha! nice! reminds me of me and my sister...I always send her pics of either morbidly obese people or bill cosby and say its her...its too funny.
bleck though...coulda done without seeing that big ol' rodent..what is that? its squashed, whatever it is.

Heist said...

See? We know what our MeMelodia likes!

wool and misc said...

totally love your blog!