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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

and just 'cause it's earth day

Here's a secret: My family used to be Quadracycle people. Yea, really.
Ours was like this except 70's burnt orange & camel brown.
It was beyond cool when I was little, kinda fun in middle school then slightly embarrassing to see my dad ridding it alone while in high school.
Unfortunately my parents sold it while I was in college. I miss you weird 4 wheel bike; I wish I could ride you now.
Resources: Surrey Deluxe, quadcycle info


clorivak said...

You're not serious?? You had one?

ahaha...I would of been mortified when I was a teen...its so funny how everyone gets soo embarassed of their parents at a certain age. I feel bad about it now.

That is one badass piece of bicyclage..:P It makes me want to have HUGE smile on my face and sing acapella.

oh ya and just cause this seems to be a recent theme:

catbird said...

i love everything about this.

G. said...

WTF, no way!