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Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'm planning on taking a brief but much needed break from blogging. I need to collect my thoughts and come back with some freshness.
(We'll see how long I can hang.)

Will Rogan still


Sara said...

We will miss you! But I totally understand. Have a good mental vacation.

Jodi said...

please come back! love your blog!!

cevd said...

just don't leave us forever. have a lovely hiatus.

[J] said...

Good luck. I hope it's a restful hiatus!

olga said...

Nooo Melody, please don't leave your blog too long.
I love it and it's making me and life happy all these beautiful, inspiring pictures. You're a star in finding beautifulness. I just started spreading the news to my friends about it! Come back!
Love Olga

HEK said...

Enjoy your non blogging vacation:)
Hope to see you back soon though;)

Heist said...

uh oh...lack of inspiration??