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Monday, April 27, 2009

bicycle portraits

Yesterday I had a minor bike incident with a pedestrian ( i swear it wasn't my fault). When I came home I was browsing the webs for an image that resembled my little crash and I stumbled upon the great work of Taliah Lempert . She is apparently the go-to for custom bicycle portraiture. I think a bespoke bike painting would be the most considerate/appreciated gift for a bicycle enthusiast. Where as I'm obviously more inclined for a pet painting I know many kids who treat their bikes like babies.

Dave's Masi - Profile #2, 2004 Acrylic on paper 23" x 35",$1200

Heidi's Bike (Brown Paper) Sketch, 2007 Acrylic on paper 20" x 26" $400
Cycle Speedway Bike (Brown Paper) Sketch - 4, 2007 Acrylic on paper 20" x 26";

Jared's Bianchi - High Eye Level,2003 Oil on canvas, 14" x 16" $600

Ed's Atala - Detail, 2005 Oil on panel, 12" x 16";$600
Bike Stack - 29, 2007 Oil monotype on paper 11" x 30"; $125
The piece I'm melting for:

Bike Stack Embossing 1 on Gray, 2008 Paper embossing 11" x 15"; $75


down and out chic said...

oh these are awesome (and would make a fabulous present for my bf who's obsessed with bikes).

[J] said...

Love the embossed one!!

clorivak said...

I ADORE the second last B&W one...I want it.
eeek....did your bike have any damage after the crash and bash?

me melodia said...

No damage on my end but the guy must have had tire marks on his fubu jeans. :T

The Cottage Cheese said...

Love them, want one. I miss my bike, as I ride like mad on vacation but not so much at home.

subcontinental.giant said...

Bike prints / illustrations seem to be popping up everywhere... thought I'd add to your list:

Both of these would be my "Go To" bike prints.

Anonymous said...

i think the Bike Stack Oil monotype would make a great tatt.