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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Damn it! After spotting these alphabet lights on my spinning wheels I was compelled to find out more.
And now I'm totally in love with these useless yet oh so special light up marquee quotations from Agent Gallery Chicago:
Please someone convince me i either need them right this minute or I'm absolutely crazy for even considering spending $195 on air quotes.


clorivak said...

I love them!! It might be a little much but sometimes ya just gotta have it...heheh and no i'm not telling you to purchase..depends on how much extra dough ya got floating around i suppose...
very cool though!

east side bride said...


Young said...

Whoa, I would get them!

Just found your blog and am really loving it. Thanks for posting all of this great stuff!

yonnette said...

i would so love to put those light up ligts in my room: either all 26 or 8 that spell my name Y O N N E T T E.. and i wouldn't even light them up... THAT would be awesome; cool find.