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Thursday, April 9, 2009


I know this is going to be posted EVERYWHERE but I just couldn't help my self. I'm totally flipping out over the beauty, simplicity and symbolism. It's totally an I wish I thought of that moment. I love redundancy and suitcases. I want this in my house right now!

Packa Pappas Kapps├Ąck, 2006
(Pack Daddy's Suitcases)
The title comes from an old Swedish rhyme and refers to the difficulty of repeating the same thing several times. This time, the repetition lies in differently sized suitcases that fit perfectly inside one another, and thus lose their original purpose.
by Michael Johansson via swissmiss


Valentine said...

Yep. Lovin it too. The simplicity is indeed-- mind blowing and the meaning so honest. How can anyone not like it?


Thanks for the comment on my blog.. I love that hooded dress too.. :-)



david john said...

Thanks for stopping by my site.

i love the collections on your blog. i especially love the beard postings! so many great things to look at!

all the best
david john

One Love Photo said...

First place I've seen this, thanks for sharing! It's really really cool.

Adela said...

that is WAY fab!!!

Emily said...

This is a really neat concept. I love it. -e