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Monday, March 2, 2009


I have and will always love vintage suitcases. I even think one of the first things I ever purchased from a thrift store was a pea-soup green samsonite hardcase with cream satin lining (my current yarn graveyard). If there's a perfectly antiqued and repurposed suitcase involved it usually catches my eye. 
Chicago Artist Michael Piazza's personal suitcase
cute vintage suitcase as dog bed; Paddywack Design $50
meticulously crafted custom vanity cabinet made of a leather suitcase; vanitycase $300
This looks well done and would definitely be a treasure piece. 
One of my favorite treasures: lady baltimore stack table


LaLa said...

As soon as I seen the picture I said the same thing, I've always wanted one of these lol

Keith said...

These look great. I'd love to have any of those. Wow!

east side bride said...

I *always* want to buy moldy old suitcases. It's like a weird compulsion.