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Friday, March 6, 2009


Know Hope - 'Set Out To Anywhere But Here'; mixed media 36 x 24"

If you're near Toronto I suggest checking out In/Version March13th - April 12th Show&Tell Gallery.
Nice write up:
Exploring new directions in contemporary art, In/Version transposes the work of established street artists with that of emerging artists clearly influenced by that practice. They demonstrate their mutual relationships with artistic traditions that extend beyond street art, proposing new links between their work.
The inter-mingling of styles has reached a flash-point among artists who turn to the Internet for new points of view. Gone are the days when young artists browsed the halls of museums studying the work of the old masters. Instead, there is an overwhelming desire to see the newest work possible. Street art bloggers post last night's conquests, and cloistered artists share their latest work through email. The immediacy of this demand has aggressively pushed for the art of NOW.

I'm a such sucker for collage.


Pansieberry said...

lovely collage.

Valentine said...

ive always had a soft spot for mixed media art~ now if only i was anywhere near toronto.. *sigh*