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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is one of my favorite family photos ever. 
I came across this vintage photograph of my almost father-in-law (not the one holding the beaver) recently and I've been obsessing over it ever since. It's absolutely perfect.  Instead of just framing it I think I want to have it commisioned painted like FEB 59:
There are tons of people on etsy who offer custom paintings based on photographs. Does anyone have someone they recommend? suggestions?


Heist said...

ummmmm...he looks EXACTLY like Ben

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Wow, that is a really nice family photo. Looks so authentic, thanks to the b&w!

Dooder City said...

i lalala love it. the first photo reminds me of the movie, 'the last picture show' a must see if you have never seen it!

Lara Harris said...

Hi there!For my Blog Art Giveaway I have actually requested no portraits (other than pets)because they take quite a bit of time to do, but I do offer custom paintings for sure!It is a great shot!Thanks for entering and good luck!:o)

Anonymous said...