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Thursday, March 26, 2009

inspiration: Gala Dali

I am absolutely fascinated by this woman.
I want to be the Gala to my hubby's Dali
(minus the extra marital affairs). I have been searching for a biography on her with no luck.

Salvador Dalí, Galarina, 1944
(I'd love for my partner to paint my portrait like this)
"She was a muse for Dalí, who said that she was the one who saved him from madness and an early death. Salvador Dali stated it was Gala who acted as his ruthless agent, the interface between the genius and the real world. She aided in redirecting his focus. Many of the works he is now famous for, were created with Gala as his muse."

"Dali's love for Gala, a woman 10 years older than him, exploded; he realized numerous extravagancies to capture her attention; such as waxing his armpit and dying it blue, applying goat excrements upon himself and wearing a red geranium on his head. His emotion was such, that every time he tried to talk to her, he suffered uncontrollable laughing attacks.
During a stroll in Cabo de Creus, Dali fell on his knees laughing, he declared his love for her, and holding his hand Gala said "... my boy, let us never to be separated..."

Salvador and Gala born from an egg


Kendyl Mauney said...

Gala Dali is one of my favorite human beings to study. Her and Salvador both! It's sad that there's not too much information on her. But I love reading about the way Salvador Dali loved her. :) Have you read The Secret Life of Salvador Dali? It's incredible!