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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a few things

floating around my head:

Why do i love fur all of a sudden?

wax, type and light are also great.

redefining luxury

Rootbeer floats are good and bleaching peacock feathers isn't easy.

Planning a tea party in a magical forest...

whist wearing these.

Slightly concerned my new glasses make me look like Ira or Rachel.

Why is this dress categorized under work? I want it but my boss would spit in my face if I came in with this.


KATLIN said...

That last dress is killer! Love the skeletal look... luckily I'm the youngest and only part timer at my job, so I can get away with wearing unusual things without even a comment. Though, I do get lots of weird looks. Haha.

please sir said...

These are wonderful - looks like you have some great stuff flowing around up there!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Those bleached peacock feathers are amazing, I've never seen them before.


Brook and Lyn said...

That photo with the tongue and pearl is insane...I think it will stay with me for a lifetime.