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Friday, March 20, 2009

lover's eyes

Do you remember that scene in Mad Love where Drew Barrymore's character has a crazy episode and glues pictures of eyes all over the walls? No? Well if you weren't a highly impressionable tween in 1995 then you probably have no idea what Mad Love is. That freaky obsessive meltdown scene was very influential; many girls I knew back then had random magazine cutouts of eyes in their rooms.
(can't find appropriate film still)
This Lover's Eye series by Tabitha Vevers is a beautiful and less nuts and way of displaying a bounty of eyes.
These tiny painted pieces based on the eyes of well known classical paintings speak to me in that same way. They comment on privacy, the woman's gaze, modern portraiture and dissociation.


Amanda said...

Count Olaf has eyes all over his howse, and he is a very bad man. These eyes are nicer than those eyes.