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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I want to wear light and crisp layers this summer.

Two pieces: Simple tank dress underneath; separate circular piece with three head/arm openings allows for a ton of different ways to wear.
this handmade silk neckcooler:

cool to the touch NeckCooler forEvaMore $40
(Unlike many Miamians my summers don't consist of flipflops and capri pants. )


EvaForeva said...

You are simply AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for featuring my neckcooler. I love the black dress. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Dallas Shaw said...

i love the black dress


Joanna Goddard said...

very, very pretty!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

These are pretty cool pieces indeed, and oh Yes, Thanks soooo much for visiting Hippie Frou Frou. Have a pleasant night :))