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Friday, March 6, 2009


"Mr. ET" Andrew Jeffrey Wright; Screenprint 15 x 18” store 1026
My new coffee mug courtesy of my dearest friend April Joy Turtle:
This hand painted bootleg ET mug was part of an amazing surprise care package I received this week. She later reveled that this piece of handcrafted nostalgia gold is actually one of 4 mugs she found! Each ghetto ET is partaking in some random act of awesomeness. The only mug she kept for herself is a painted depiction of ET looking in a fridge for a snack (can't wait to see it).
*Notice his neon finger glow reminiscent of a fingernail and acid green checkered sweater.


jules said...

I just wrote a paper on that movie. For sure one of my favorites. Great mug!