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Monday, April 20, 2009

animals make better friends

"There is something deeply moving about a man referring to an animal, plainly and unsentimentally, as his best friend."

my family
After seeing this review I'm interested in reading the philosopher and the wolf by Mark Rolands wolf owner and philosophy professor at the University of Miami.

"Animals cannot play Scrabble or pay compliments; they don't have exciting news and won't discuss yesterday's game. What they do offer, to those who open themselves to it, is a powerful constancy, an uncomplicated friendship that simplifies and heals as it reminds us of our ancestral life before we struck the fraught bargain of great resourcefulness and ingenuity in return for a greater capacity for malevolence and deceit...Reading this book, like living in kinship with an animal, offers a chance for something very fine to rub off on us -- like brushing against a monarch's cape and being sprinkled with gold powder."
"Brenin, a giant of 150 pounds, standing 35 inches at the shoulder on paws the size of baseball mitts, accompanied Rowlands everywhere, even napping under a desk as Rowlands delivered his philosophy lectures to rooms full of nervous students whose unzipped bookbags were occasionally invaded by a wandering nose in search of snacks."

I have always felt a strong connection with animals. I wish it were acceptable to bring my dog to work. Daily interaction with clients and candidates has me yearning for the nonverbal connection with my pets when I get home.


Kitty Stampede said...

That books looks great! I hear ya...there is nothing compareable or as special to the nonspoken love an animal can give. I would not want to be alive in this world if there were no animals. The best most meaningful things in life are definitely not man made.
I wanna kiss my kitties right...hehe

wool and misc said...

ack! your pup is so cute! that book does look really good. thanks for the heads up!

Heist said...

I'm missing Zero really bad lately

Kitty Stampede said...

OMG...he looks like Romeo..haha..too cute. Is that ya man?

me melodia said...

that's my lawn gnome.

Kitty Stampede said... thats what lawn gnomes look like in the states..the're young and hip.
we get the grandpa,santa looking ones..damn.