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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Henry Darger

When I think of him I feel like crying.
His sacred little room & workspace:
A selection of his novels, inspiration scrapbooks and weather records:I neeeeed this:Dear Amazon & Ebay sellers, please stop selling this book f0r $200 and up, thanks.
The first comprehensive survey of Darger's art and writings. Included are reproductions of approximately 114 of Darger's collage drawings and fifteen selections from his writings, focusing on his life's work, In the Realms of the Unreal, which is an account of a cosmic struggle against child slavery unfolding on a planet vastly larger than our own. This battle between the forces of good-led by the intrepid Vivian sisters-and the evil Glandelinian nations, was illustrated and extended in Darger's art, including the mural-size watercolor drawings that represent his mature achievement as an artist.
(Ehem... my birthday is in less than 1 mo. )
Resources: wiki, realms of unreal doc, dargerism, hammer gallery


victoria thorne said...

wow. and insightful. and educational.

incredible work.

clorivak said...

I loooove his stuff!! Was there a movie a few years ago put out about him?? I find his art so very dark but also so very light if that makes any the complete innocent with the morbid...he worked it well. Awesome post! You rock it lady!

me melodia said...

Yea pbs produced a documentary called Realms of the Unreal. It's good although kinda low budget and weirdly art directed. If you like him I totally recommend checking it out tho. I wish he knew how famous and appreciated he is now.

lucitebox said...

I feel like crying when I think of him, too.

Anonymous said...