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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My boss is constantly asking me if I'm coming down with a cold. He loves to note I'm looking a little pale and beat. I always just smile, shrug shoulders and walk away. Today I actually do feel like I look-haggard from a fast approaching cold.

The feeling this gives me is really nice and makes me want to nap.
Shelter 2006; intervals series Margot Q Knight
(check out her archives!)

Too bad I'm looking a little drained like this poor guy:
La mort au tournant; Landy Ajavon
via je suis une bande de jeunes once again


drollgirl said...

ack!!! that second picture is killing me (and that is a good thing!!).

i hope you feel better soon! and i hate when people ask if i am feeling ok. i am fish belly white, and always look pale!

Leigh said...

wow, that almost doesn't look real. I hope you feel better, and I can relate all to often.


clorivak said... that cow deflated, did he get stoned to death? That is one crazy ass photo.

i want to feel like that first photo..sometimes i'm close to that, i dreams Anything can happen...ooooooo...

-holy shite, i totally get that all the time. Are you okay? You look tired..yadayada...its annoying. its like do i look that much like a walking zombie?? i love thee..

Amy said...

Heck, if your boss keeps asking you might as well take a few days off, cough cough!

me melodia said...

kitty stampede: I think all your comments need to end with this guy (again)

The Cottage Cheese said...

When I get to feeling run-down like that, I surrender to a nice long nap (as in 3 hours). About half of the time it manages to fight off the cold. I've come to realize my body just needs rest. And boy does that nap feel good...

clorivak said... true!

clorivak said...

omg...that just made my day...i literally was quaking when i read that.