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Thursday, April 30, 2009

you are beautiful

winter drawings; 2007 digital print on archival paper, ed of 10 prints
available for purchase
I really wish this wasn't photoshopped.
I had this photo as my desktop for a hot second but I quickly removed it in fear that in an office setting it's a bit, hang in there baby.
Hang in there! Inspirational Art of the 1970s By Jennifer McKnight-Trontz.


clorivak said...

I used to love those when I was a kid..I wasn't born yet in the 70's..I just mean my grammie used to have them in the kids bedrooms...they're pretty dang-it-all cute!

clorivak said...

it makes me think that I should be looking constantly at motivational style message but not stupid corporate ones more it'll sink in, affirmation style.

-that bird one would help..

me melodia said...

I want to make a response to that bird one out of squirrels.

Hello Lindello said...

hehe. I had one has a kid too. It was a monkey hanging off a branch.

victoria thorne said...

love them both...old enough to be classics?