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Friday, April 24, 2009

Don't you love when art inspires?

If it wasn't for Marcel Dzama, this moment would have never been captured on polaroid:
One of my bffs dressed as a Dzama character from The Berlin Years.
I know I'm not alone in loving his aesthetic but how many people can say they've made something like this? I'm moved when people are that inspired by something. And while we're on the subject of Mr. Dzama, I'm totally lusting after this crazy card game of his.
Rules by batetoon.
Animals by batetoon.People by batetoon.
game via batetoon


clorivak said...

oh oh oh...I want to play this card game with you!
haha I love all those freak characters for the game.
That kitty looks like he might have a lizard tongue.

cake. said...

oooh i love marcel! first piece of "real art" that i ever bought.

victoria thorne said...

this is good stuff. the card game is amazing. wonderfulwonderful post!

gracie o said...

amazing costume! i think we ♥ ALL the same things.