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Monday, February 16, 2009

I wish I thought of that

Have you ever seen something so awesome and clever that it made you say, "Fuck, I wish I made that!"? I hate/ love those moments. After a recent conversation with bud Tiffany where she admitted she was annoyed with herself for not shooting an obvious budgies series, I came to think about all the things I've seen that have made me feel that way. Although I lack the skill and artistic dexterity to create detailed sculptural pieces I have always dreamed of exploring a world outside of paper and light.

This "excessory-baggage" piece by Meryl Smith is one of those items that made my heart flutter and wish I had made myself.
This oh so lux animal crawled out of my head. Words can't express how badass I find this puppy vuitton purse. The next best thing to actually creating this would be owning it and appreciating it I guess.
Materials: metal screen, paper mache, leather, gold paint, zipper
I made "excessory baggage" for a group exhibition at The Honey Space, where 5 curators asked artists to create sculptures that fit the measurement requirements for international carry-on luggage.

What drives you crazy?
People who don't bother thinking. People who say, "I should have thought of that but I just didn't think." I see kids today with these wires in their ears listening to noise all day and I wonder, how can they think?
-Maurice Kanbar
SOMA film issue


mcR said...

fuck, i wish i'd made you. i'd be so proud. ; )

Jean said... scares me more than anything!that's taking the yuppy dogs and designer purse to another level! crazy stuff!

Aubrey Longley-Cook said...

this is brilliant. what a statement.

Dooder City said...

That bag is rediculous. How creative. I love how there is so much social commentary in that purse....It's true about people just walking aorund with their ear buds in listening to lil' wayne or whatever. Living in the city, I find myself not wanting to be in touch with what's around me and going into my own world with my's both good and bad. Sometimes it makes you not present...on that note, I am off to yoga:)

E.K. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

cerre said...

i always have that "i wish i thought of that". it bums me out sometimes.
ps: thanks for your comments on my blog! best,


Awesomeallday said...

This thing gives me the heeby jeebies

east side bride said...

Did you see The Squid and the Whale? A high school kid tries to pass off a Pink Floyd song as his own, and when he gets caught his explanation is, "I felt I could have written it."

SugarCube said...

For a second there I thought that was a real painted puppy!Interesting.

bigBANG studio said...

totally twisted and brilliant. and seriously CREEPY! i can just see sacha baron cohen sporting one of these in bruno II. pretty hysterical.

love love love your blog!