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Friday, February 13, 2009

I <3 you honey

Ever since my bf introduced me to Judi Harvest's work I've been obsessing about owning one of her Colony Collapse Disorder hive pieces.
It seems like CCD is something that has been occupying a lot of people's minds. I've come across some really interesting Bee themed treasures lately.

Giant Japanese Hornet Honey via edible
The Giant Japanese Hornet is the largest species of wasp in the world, and it contains special enzymes in its body which are reputed to increase strength and energy levels. Giant Japanese Hornets have one of the most incredible stamina’s of any living creature and this stamina can be temporarily passed into the system of those who consume it.

The Abandoned Comb Amulet via black sheep & prodigal sons
The necklace is a bittersweet collaboration with nature: a honeycomb pendant sculpted by bees, crafted of solid 18 karat gold and captured in honey. A choice must be made to forcefully exhume the honey-drenched gold, violently shattering and consuming its casing, or to recognize value in its current form, nurturing a natural deterioration and the gradual revelation of treasure within.

Nature Series, organic bee & hive, pearl, gold leaf, resin and copper broach; ArtByWinona

Also check out A NEW HIVE-art to save the disappearing honeybee


hmstrjam said...

i keep looking for the hagen daz vanilla bean with honey ice cream- support the bees!
If you like beehive art you'd love the work of Hilary Berseth!

east side bride said...

I get really upset when I think about this :S