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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"this lane is our lane"

To say that my friends and now recently my bf have a bike obsession is an understatement.
Ben's new mercier kilo tt
Bikes and bike accessories have been a constant conversation topic in my household lately. I try to not be an old lady about speed and safety but needless to say I get slightly worried that something might happen to my lawn gnome of a boyfriend.
I absolutely LOVE this "sharrow" sweater project by Lisa of The little red blog of revolutionary knitting. After getting in a minor biking accident she had the brilliant idea to create this wearable lane sharing signage. This sweater is still being completed but I couldn't resist reposting. If you haven't checked out TLRBORK yet I recommend you do. She makes some pretty amazing knitted frocks and patterns like this Sara Palin inspired "cunty first" outfit:
I can't wait to see how the fiinished sharrow sweater comes out. I think my bf would not be impressed if i made him a diy bike safety outfit to match his fancy new ride.


tiff said...


right before reading this post i was browsing my favourite old-timey classical overpriced bike stuff website. tell ben to check it out:

also, the bike nerding in-home only gets worse. three fixed gears live in my apartments hallway and the shop talk and online bike porn viewing is constant!