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Sunday, February 8, 2009

exciting folk art

Sometimes I truly surprise myself in what I find intriguing.  I've never been interested in folk art or craft but lately I've noticed a slight interest in folksy decorative pieces.  
I recently came across the work of Joanna Blitch. She works in several medias but I'm really digging her stoneware mask pots. This fox mask might pair nicely with some of my other animal art. 
Nothing gets more folk and Americana-ish than wolf imagery. This hand carved hemlock wood mask by  Jason Tennant  has a great presence. 
Although the wolf mask is totally badass-these hand carved black crows are way more my style and practical.  I think these birds would look great displayed on high ceilings. 
And lastly I'm absolutely in love with this modern take on folky plate paintings by Barret Stanley, Joanna Blitch's husband.  Theses glazed stoneware plates are so subtle and would compliment my present collection without taking it in some weird crafty direction.  I'm very tempted to pick up "temp" and portrait of "Jacques Cousteau".