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Monday, August 24, 2009


Broken Record; [broh-kuh n] º [ri-kawrd; n., adj. rek-erd]
Someone who keeps repeating themselves over and over again to the great annoyance of others


drollgirl said...

mm, you are killing me today! my eye is twitching as i am so stressed at work (but still managing to blog and comment and complain and do that stupid twitter shit), but this post and your comment on my blog made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

i owe ya.

hope your monday passes FAST.

wool and misc said...

ugh. sowwy. hey! RW sucks! i actually did some today, and i don't likey!


Waxy said...

this brings back childhood memories...i think i was an annoying kid...ha

Kerri Lynne said...

HAHAHA! reminds me of a few people who will lovingly remain nameless!

ps: love your blog!