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Friday, August 14, 2009


Gunta Stolzl 1927
head of weaving at the Bauhaus
One of the many highlights of my recent trip was visiting the comprehensive Bauhaus exhibition at Martin-Gropius museum. If there was ever any doubt that the Bauhaus school has influenced everything we deem "good design" and cool it's definitely been eliminated. Of the 100o objects exhibited, one piece that surprisingly stood out to us was this Gunta Stolzl tapestry (jpg doesn't do justice). Among all the furniture, innovative text and material studies this ridiculously bright textile was one of the most relevant to today's neon art aesthetic.

An other piece that keeps floating around my empty little head is this handmade tapestry from starsyling I spotted at their boutique. It's so texturally interesting and would look great as a floor mat or wall hanging.

While I couldn't justify spending over 300 on this I so desperately want it and would certainly make use of it. I love this treasure purposed as a picnic blanket:

Even though Stystyling is a tad busy (flailing hand motions and hissing sounds if you were hearing me say this) for my taste, I did pick up a gorgeous hand dipped fringe necklace. I can't wait to incorporate this into an outfit. I'm miles away from endorsing an all over print but touches of flair are oh so necessary.crafting the fringes
Seeing that I can't afford a large textural piece at the moment this little bit of color and motion will have to do. Unless I purchase my own loom and have a sudden folk streak I don't see a Gunta Stolzl inspiration in my future.


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