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Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm so pleased that the trial raccoon tails I ordered on ebay came in today and they weren't as cheap or gross as I had nightmarishly imagined. I'm planning on using these protocol tails for the bike I'm working on assembling. I have a few more pieces to go but the tails have been revving my engine all week. I look forward to now ordering more tails & fur next week. The grand arrival of these raccoon bits has me yearning for fall and a nice romp in the woods.
woodland inspired goodness:
cb i hate perfume: Wild Hunt
The scent of an ancient forest in the heat of a summer afternoon. It is a blend of Torn Leaves, Crushed Twigs, Flowing Sap, Fallen Branches, Old Leaves, Green Moss, Fir, Pine and Tiny Mushrooms.

Amy Ross; naturemorph
Weaselshrooms bird/high-priestess collage
JACKSONSWIFT;flower deer
archival reproduction original watercolor drawing


Hello Lindello said...

I've been wanting to try that perfume. Sounds so interesting! Can't wait to check out this bike of yours....

Awesome Sara said...

ive been dying to try that perfume! raccoon tails??? dude i gotta look at ur previous posts bc i am just lost. ive been gone for so long i missed u!

Clorivak said...

yuh oh....

LPC said...

If you come to my suburban neighborhood and sit in my backyard 'round midnight you can shoot some for yourself. Last night I heard them, chirring, chirring, chirring. Last week they ate my water hyacinths.