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Friday, August 14, 2009


Fleur Goedendorp neck sculptures


wool and misc said...

LOVE natalia edenmont, almost as much as i love you! wait, no, not even close.

xo! Maegan said...

I love Natalia Edenmont. I am lucky enough to own one ...a flower with an egg yolk for the center. love her work ...although controversial. and maybe that's why ;)

me melodia said...

Gracie: no, I love you more!
Let's not even start our wool&melodia cheerleading. We both win. Can't wait to get back to our antics.

LM: wtf. You own one?! I'm so envious.
You have lovely taste mi lady. Have you shown pics of your space?

Clorivak said...

yay for your return to blog insanity!
hope you are enjoying back to life, back to reality!!