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Friday, August 28, 2009

I bet one of these was named Duchess

If this dashing pug gives you the tingles down in that funny place then you will definitely enjoy visiting Hamshere gallery.

They have one of the largest Canine & Equestrian antique jewelery collections and dog paintings dating from 1800 to 1940. It's no secret that I spend my free time browsing dog art. Hamshere gallery is a trifecta for me: vintage baubles, canine portraiture, and precious- gaudiness. I wanted to post all of their dapper canine brooches but I held back .

Crystal Chihuahua Brooch

Reverse intaglio crystal brooch in diamond and emerald setting. English.

various handpainted pets: locket, pin and brooch
I know a few good friends who would love to own one of these timeless animal adornments.
Yes, I'm thinking of you Pio; this guy is screaming your name.


Clorivak said...

ACK!! Me WANTY! Sorry,turned into a baybee for a sec. They are amazing. I so want to grace one of those brooches. Can't decide between the last 3.

Julia said...

I really quite love animal portraits. There's something so special about someone who loves their animal enough to get it's portrait done!