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Sunday, August 30, 2009

the one that got away

Went thrifting yesterday with my bestie and had great/devastating time. I was unsuccessful in bringing home the one treasure my heart fell in love with. I'm giving it an other go ahead today and meeting up with my mom for some antiquing. Hopefully today will be rewarding and I'll acquire an other piece for our growing collection. Paul Wackers;collector's cabinet
acrylic, spray paint on panel,36" x 40", 2009
Domenico Remps; Cabinet of Curiosities
Oil on canvas;1690s
We stumbled upon some pretty good finds yesterday but I was devastated when this one thrift store wouldn't sell me a vintage toddler's dress form. This deliciously patina-ed moldy linen boy was screaming to take him home. He'd fit so wonderfully with in my animal decor and other vintage treasures. I had a feeling they'd deny the sale by claiming he was a display (even though he was "head and shoulders" above the plastic mannequins). I carried him around the store calling him My Son the brief time we shared together. In my mind he was this beautiful Victorian boy to the right:
Even though I did acknowledge that he was a shoe in for a NIN video prop I fell in love with him. I have to quit getting so attached to inanimate objects.
Jack Peñate 'Pull My Heart Away'


Rose Red said...

That stinks :( I really wanted a vintage dress form, but every one I found was not for sale. I'm still looking.

Hello Lindello said...

bummer! better luck next time though. i bet you'll find one again (crossing fingers!).

Clorivak said...

ugged. i hate when that shite happens. i have a really old vintage dress form...its kinda creepy. my man was drunk one night on his way home and seen it out to the curb...he snatched it for me...what a keeper!! him and the form.

The Cottage Cheese said...

So sorry you didn't get to take "him" home. He was cool. I hope you found something else fun to salvage the weekend of thrifting.

Anonymous said...