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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

not shopping? what?

Hey remember when I said I was saving up money and not splurging on those lust items anymore?
Well this D*Sponge post has me singing a different tune. I'll surely be picking up those whale S&P shakers as soon as they come in.

Oh, and speaking of buying things and whales: check out the new me melodia etsy shop. My teenie tiny store front still needs a lot of tlc, fanciness, stock and (spell check) but it's up and running. I currently have a sweet little whale vase up for sale and other vintage treats.


Heist said...

LOVE the memelodia etsy shop...I can't wait to see what brilliant items end up in there. And I will get on the blood spatter charm for you...I was working on the small one and ran out of supplies...but now I'm back in business!

JD said...

The salt and pepper shakers are wonderful!